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Have you ever wanted to have straighter teeth? But not liked the idea of wearing metal braces? Consider Invisalign!

Invisalign straightens your teeth using a custom-made series of aligners created specifically for you. These trays are made of comfortable plastic that you wear over your teeth.  They gradually and gently move your teeth into place.

If you are wondering whether you would be a possible candidate for Invisalign, please call Okotoks Dental today to schedule your complimentary Invisalign consultation.


Sedation Dentistry

Many people suffer from anxiety about visiting the dental office. For some it can be quite terrifying. At Okotoks Dental we have multiple options to help put you at ease. These options include nitrous sedation (laughing gas) and oral sedation. 

If you have put off your dental needs because of fear of the dental office, please don’t wait any longer. Call Okotoks Dental today for a complimentary sedation consult. We will do all we can to put you at ease.  How terrifying can it be to come and visit with someone named Dr. Comfort?


Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth often start to erupt during teenage years. Often wisdom teeth need to be extracted. Reasons for removal include infection, pain, or teeth becoming impacted (or stuck) in the jaw bone.

If removal is recommended, we are often able to complete the necessary surgery in our office.  We can also provide sedation options based on your comfort level and the difficulty of the procedure.

Call Okotoks Dental today to schedule a complimentary wisdom tooth consultation. We would be happy to see you to answer any questions you may have. 



Dental implants are quickly becoming more common in dentistry. lt is generally a predictable way to replace a missing tooth. A dental implant is essentially a titanium 'screw' we are able to place into the jaw bone. Once the bone has integrated with the implant, it acts as an anchor for a cap or crown that is placed on top. Many factors affect the success rate of a dental implant.


Children's Dentistry

We enjoy seeing children at Okotoks Dental. Whether it is your child's first visit or their tenth, we would be happy to see you. We have an excellent team in place and with the help of a few tricks, we have found that most kids enjoy their visits and look forward to coming back.


Root Canals

When a tooth has been damaged due to trauma or harmful bacteria, the living tissue in the center of the tooth may be unable to heal. This can sometimes be very painful.  When this happens we are still able to fix the tooth by completing root canal therapy.  This should be a comfortable procedure where we clean out harmful bacteria and place a filling material.  A root canal can be such a relief if you are in terrible pain.


White Fillings

Composite fillings, or white fillings, have the advantage of providing a natural appearance. They can be used to fix cavities, broken teeth, discolourations and much more.



Regular dental cleanings and good homecare are the best ways to maintain your oral health. We offer cleanings at convenient times to better accommodate your schedule.


Check Ups

Only your dentist has the education and training necessary to properly diagnosis and treat dental disease and oral health problems.



Whitening has become very popular, as many people are looking for a brighter smile. At Okotoks Dental, we offer many whitening options, including toothpastes, strips, custom whitening trays and in-office professional whitening.



At Okotoks Dental, we prefer to fix teeth if possible. But sometimes a tooth may be broken beyond repair making it necessary to remove a tooth. Having an extraction completed is often a comfortable procedure. Under local anesthesia, we slowly loosen the tooth until it is easily removed.


Emergency Exams

Do you have a dental emergency right now? At Okotoks Dental, we recognize the need for emergency dental treatment. Our team believes in taking care of our patients as we would our own families. We will always do our best to accommodate you if you have a dental emergency.



When a tooth has been substantially damaged, a crown may be recommended to restore the tooth. A crown, sometimes called a cap, can be placed over a tooth to help protect it from future decay or fracture. lt is an effective way to protect and preserve our natural teeth.



Clenching and grinding at night can cause severe damage to your teeth and jaw joint. Many people are not even aware they have this habit. Only your dentist can properly diagnose whether a habit of grinding is causing damage. A night guard can be made to protect you from further damage.



Sometimes teeth can be discoloured, misshapen or crowded, making it difficult for people to achieve the smile they have always wanted. Porcelain veneers can be used to change the colour, shape, and alignment of teeth.



A bridge is a great way to replace a missing tooth. We can use the teeth neighboring the empty space as 'anchors' for your bridge. A custom bridge can then be made and permanently glued into place



Cavities often form in the deep grooves and pits of teeth. A sealant is a non-invasive way to cover and protect these areas.



It is important to wear a sportsguard during contact sports. A custom made guard that fits properly can help protect your teeth and keep you safer while playing sports. lt may even help prevent a future concussion.

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